Cairo Celebration Choir

Cairo Celebration Choir"A Shimmering Light In The Egyptian Cultural Scene"

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Cairo Celebration Choir

The Cairo Celebration Choir (CCC) was founded in the year 2000 by the choir’s artistic director Nayer Nagui. The CCC has been recognized as one of the finest musical entities in Egypt in the past decade. The choir has over 120 members from more than seven nationalities, its members various educational backgrounds and professions. All members were brought together by a passion for music, and a dedication to singing to spread cross-cultural understanding and appreciation locally and internationally. The CCC has performed in various cities locally including Cairo and Alexandria, and in regional performances including performances in North Africa and Europe.

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Evangelican 500 years Celebration

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Who is Nayer Nagui?

Conductor - Composer

“With years of training, performance, and musical maturity, the CCC is always ready to work on the challenging choral repertoires.”

Nayer Nagui is the founder and the musical director of the “Cairo Celebration Choir". Nayer was appointed as the Cairo Opera Orchestra Artistic Director and Principal Conductor from 2011 till 2014. Nagui participates in the yearly International Festival of “Coro de Tres Culturas” in Morocco and Spain.

In addition to his yearly program with orchestras and choirs in Egypt, he also conducted Lecce Symphony Orchestra and Calabria Chamber Orchestra from Italy, European Camerata from the U.K, Ensemble Georges Solti from Hungary, the Bonner Vokalisten from Germany, Moroccan Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Algerian Symphony Orchestra, Orquesta Joven di Andalucia from Spain and the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra.

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The Choir at a Glance

  • 16

    The choir was founded in the year 2000 by the director Nayer Nagui.

  • 120

    Amateur singers have joined the choir.

  • 24

    Concerts and events were performed locally and world wide.

  • 4

    Different singing styles and languages are performed.

Silver award in The stylish interpretation of Arabic music

The International Choral Competition
Prague Voices

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Aghany Bel Araby

Traditional Arabic Songs with a Twist!

In an attempt to harmonize Egyptian music, transcending class and cultural boundaries, the CCC also sings original arrangements by Nayer Nagui that include, Egyptian folk songs by distinguished Egyptian composers such as Sayed Darwish and Gamal Abdel Rahim.

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The Cairo Celebration Choir is a simply amazing organization. This choir has a great balance, between fun and musicality. The musical director is a great motivator and always strives to improve the choir’s musical sense. I believe it is the finest choir of its type in Egypt today.

Rafik Halim
Sr. Electrical Engineer, Minneapolis, MN